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Surviving Suicide, Jazz Thornton’s New Film ‘The Girl on the Bridge’

Jazz Thornton wants to reveal what suicide is from the inside, and help people better understand what ‘help’ really looks likes.

7 Tips to Tackle Fussy Eating in Toddlers

What should parents do if they’re worried about their children’s fussy eating habits? Try these tips to prevent fussy eater behaviour.

Navigating Uncertainty

When we learn to make the presence of God the bedrock of our certainty, then we will be able to navigate through whatever may come our way.

The Five Big Drivers of Poverty in Australia

Not only are 1 in 8 Australians under the poverty line, but most are far under. This is called the ‘poverty gap’, and it’s quickly expanding.

Apple Pancakes

These apple and cinnamon flavoured pancakes taste delicious with maple syrup, coconut yoghurt, extra apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon!

‘The Broken Hearts Gallery’ – A Truly Modern Rom-Com

Inhabiting the role of a truly modern romantic comedy, The Broken Hearts Gallery is littered with social commentary on cultural ideasl.

Educator’s Message to the Class of 2020: “It’s All About You” Right Now

While parents normally try to teach their kids “It’s not all about you”, author Gabbie Stroud says this moment in time is an exception.

Why Critical Thinking is More Critical Than Ever

In a world of fake news, alternative facts and conspiracy theories that are learned and shared, the ability to discern fact from fiction is fundamental.

Red Rope Christianity

Christians should be extremely careful about red rope Christianity and its ability to create pretensions that somehow we are better than others.

How COVID-19 is Likely to Affect Australia’s Population Forecast

The global pandemic is bringing about a series of unprecedented events to the Australian economy and our way of living.