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Budget 24/25: “A Fairer Go”

The Albanese government’s budget will provide welcome relief to families, but the Opposition argues it doesn’t address a core issue.

Listening to the Holy Spirit Will Help You to Share Jesus

It’s easy to get so caught up in ‘figuring out’ how to share Jesus, that you forget you have a helper: the Holy Spirit, God Himself!

Joel Smallbone on Playing His Dad in ‘Unsung Hero’ – and Upcoming Tour

‘Unsung Hero’ follows the Smallbone family as they move from Australia to the United States in search of a brighter future.

“It’s not love, it’s abuse”: Coercive Control

The NSW Government has released a shocking ad campaign about a disturbing – and deadly – form of partner control.

When Life is Unfair – How Should I Respond?

It’s easy for us to doubt when we confront the unfairness of life. In Psalm 73, the psalmist describes how this almost brought him to ruin.

From Languishing to Flourishing: How to Get There

By identifying the signs and symptoms of ‘languishing’, we can take steps to improve our well-being and regain our vitality.

The Castle: When a New Migrant Watches the Aussie Classic

When our family moved to Australia close to two decades ago, friends suggested we watch an Australian classic, The Castle…

Your Old or Broken Mobile Phone Could Save a Life

A victim’s mobile phone is often one of the first things to get smashed, taken or monitored as part of coercive control.

A Different Way to Rest

Australia is sometimes called the burnout capital of the world! Why are we working so hard? For many, it feels like we have no choice.

Domestic Violence Causes National Distress, Reliance on Lifeline

May is Domestic Violence Prevention Month in Australia, providing an opportunity for renewed focus on the crisis.