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The Two Basic Human Needs: Bios and Zoë

Maslow once thought our highest need was to fulfil our individual potential; he later revised this, realising we have spiritual needs too.

Connection is Essential to Australia’s Longevity Boom

Australia’s ageing population means a need for connection and community as well as skilled and dedicated aged care workers.

Christmas Devotion – God is With Us

Until that first Christmas people had a sneaking suspicion that God was ‘for’ us, but after Christmas they knew – God is actually ‘with’ us.

Music’s Redemptive Power Uncovered in ‘The Musical Mind’

‘The Musical Mind: A Portrait in Process’ examines the struggle of bringing art to life, and the neurological uniqueness of creatives.

Simple Self Care for Chronic Fatigue or Other Chronic Illness

For those with chronic fatigue, long COVID or other chronic illness, small things you can do to bring some joy and calm are essential.

Kim’s Convenience, and Asian Dad Stereotypes

Like most sitcom family dads, Appa from ‘Kim’s Convenience’ is a bumbling goofball. But there’s a hole in his heart, writes Sam Chan.

How to Stop an Outage Becoming an Outrage

While crises will inevitably occur, they do not need to come at the cost of credibility, writes Michael McQueen.

‘Napoleon’ is Best Seen on the Big Screen [Movie Review]

While sparks fly on the military front line, the fireworks fail on the homefront in this telling of Napoleon’s story, writes Russ Matthews.

Christmas Brownies Recipe

These fudgy Christmas Brownies contain a little Christmas spice, cranberries and macadamia nuts to make them deliciously festive.

The Important Role of Grandparents

New research shows just how much grandparents are contributing to their grandchildren’s lives and their educational aspirations.