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Has Digital Technology Been Good For Teenagers? It Depends.

For the current generation of teenagers, digital tech is as much a part of their lives as pimples and puberty, and it comes with pros and cons.

What You Need to Know About Anzac Day This Year

Here’s what’s happening around the country to honour our ANZACs this year. It looks a little different for each state and territory.

How COVID Brought the Human Back to Work

The future of human work will be characterised by collaboration, innovation and human skills that set us apart from robots.

Why Your Stuff Isn’t Worth Worshipping

In our culture of modern idolatry, we have made our stuff our god. Your stuff may disappear, but God’s not going anywhere.

Remembering His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Honouring the life of the longest-serving royal consort in British history. Prince Philip is being remembered by church leaders as a man of faith.

Graduate Job Readiness

There seems to be an increasing disconnect between what students are being prepared for and what the workforce expects of graduates.

Inside the Bubble: How Trans-Tasman Travel Will Work

By: Michael Crooks International travel has returned to Australia. Well, to only one country, but that’s not a bad start for a world still in the grip of a pandemic.

The Most Forgiving People

The measure of our forgiveness for others is not the forgiveness we are offered, but rather the forgiveness we choose to receive.

Tips to Stop Mindless Eating After Working From Home Has Contributed to Weight Gain

A survey looking at the COVID-19 impact on diet across 30 countries, found more than a third of Aussies gained weight during the pandemic.

The Cultivation of Character

It can no longer be about looking good. Cultivation of character is about being good. What if we expected more of ourselves, our kids and the teams we lead?