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Vision National News on the hour between 6am – 6pm

Greg Laurie is committed to “Knowing God and making him known.” Outreach is a very large part of the realisation of this vision. Pastor Greg Laurie’s daily radio program A New Beginning, is broadcast on more than 1,000 radio outlets daily across the nation and internationally. Harvest Crusades, large-scale evangelistic outreaches, have been held throughout the US and in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia since 1990.

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Pause A Moment is a five minute segment presented each week day by a Tamworth person. Howard Barnes where he shares his biblical insights on a Bible passage or topical issue.

Life is full of highs and lows so exactly how do you enjoy it every day? Joyce Meyer will tell you the secret is closely tied to seeking God’s will for your life and following it!

Joyce is one of the world’s most practical Bible teachers, a best-selling author and radio and TV host. Many listeners tell us they love her down-to-earth “tell it like it is” manner, with practical applications to living God’s Word daily.

Since 1993, Focus on the Family Australia has been helping Australia’s families and communities through radio broadcasts, preventative education programs, seminars, counselling and a wide range of resources for families. Focus on the Family Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that offers relevant, practical support to help families thrive in every stage of life. Our aim is to “To help strengthen Australian Families”. Regardless of their religion, politics, socioeconomic status, culture or age.

Our Focus

We focus on real life issues and offering relevant, practical support for all members of the family. Through our programs, resources and seminars, we tackle the challenging issues of binge drinking, drugs, pornography, depression, bullying and teenage sexuality head on. We focus on academic and research excellence where our major parenting and relationship programs undergo ongoing validation by independent experts. We focus on partnerships with government, schools, businesses, churches and you to promote policies and programs that advance family stability. We focus on preventative education to help parents and teens recognize and stop crises before they happen, which motivates a unique type of supporter, who understands that giving to prevention is often more effective than giving to a cure. We invite you to partner with us because with your help we can have a positive impact on our nation.

Australia Website

The primary mission of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is to reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Distinctive in its strong evangelistic and apologetic foundation, the ministry of RZIM is intended to touch both the heart and the intellect of the thinkers and influencers of society through the support of the visionary leadership of Ravi Zacharias.

Locally produced segment each weeknight highlighting current Christian music and news for youth aged 16 to 25. Other music programmes such as 20 The Countdown are broadcast as part of the programme.


Vision National News on the hour at 9am, 12noon, 4pm and 6pm

Light & Life is a weekly show put together by writers, journalists, presenters and producers in the Salvation Army, then broadcast around Australia on local radio stations.

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Christianityworks is a non-denominational media ministry. Our sole purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ through the media around the globe, to help people enter into a rich, dynamic relationship with Jesus.

We do that by producing Christian television and radio programs that we provide free of charge to over 1,350 Christian, community, commercial and government-owned stations throughout the world.

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Miromaa’ within the Australian Indigenous tradition means to be ‘saved’. “Miromaa for life” is a program developed by Australian Christian radio station Rhema FM to enrich the lives of the Indigenous-Christian Australian community via the radio waves. Be involved in the first radio program created for and by Indigenous-Christian Australians as they share stories and devotions about their their christian faith, as they encourage us through the love they have for Jesus Christ.

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Weekly radio programme hosted by Pastor Joe Armstrong of Living Success Christian Centre, Newcastle, NSW

Principle Strategy

The education and equipping of Believers in the Body of Christ for a lifetime of productivity, profitability and pleasing service to our Lord Jesus Christ by blending scriptural wisdom and excellence with practical ‘hands-on’ how-to’s.

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Sunday church service from the SMBC in Sydney involving biblical exposition and practical testimonies from the mission fields.

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Sunday morning church service broadcast from Crossways Baptist church in Melbourne.

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Bill and Gloria Gaither presents a one hour Country and Gospel show form the mid-west of the USA.

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Adventures in Odyssey, or simply Odyssey, is an Evangelical Christian radio drama and comedy series created and produced by Focus on the Family for kids. The series first aired in 1987.

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Bill and Gloria Gaither presents a one hour Country and Gospel show form the mid-west of the USA.

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